praise for trilogy

Like Louis Wain's cat paintings, each stop of Hill's trilogy raises the bar of psychedelic intrigue...Hill is among the finest and most unconventional humorists writing today.
--Zach Boddicker, Author of The Essential Carl Mahogany

Come to the eastern plains of Colorado and savor this tasty concoction of memorable characters, fantastic events, and keen insights into the human condition. This trilogy captures the fearless imagination of Gregory Hill in full, colorful bloom.
-- Mark Stevens, author of the Allison Coil Mystery Series

praise for trilogy

Absurd and surreal, without ever crossing the line into silliness, Zebra Skin Shirt is an excellent novel from an author that clearly understands the stupidity, chaos and madness of existence, and isn’t afraid to embrace it all and put it on the page.
--Cory Casciato, Suspect Press

Before Narwhal Slotterfield, the mortals of “Strattford” myth had to reckon with a culturally-erosive, all-encroaching Future. In “Zebra Skin Shirt,” Narwhal suffers every atomized moment of the Right-Fucking-Now. It’s a cosmic ordeal, Greg Hill’s third excellent novel in a row, and a trip well worth taking.
Mike Molnar Chicken Pickin' King of Country/Western Guitar

A basketball referee with the Pynchonesque name of Narwal Slotterfield orders a hamburger at a diner in eastern Colorado and time stops across the universe. What happens after that becomes a funhouse-mirror holograph of a novel produced by Slotterfield's cornered brain as it tries to understand this new world. Time hasn’t stopped, he learns, it has just slowed down, slow enough to allow Gregory Hill’s wild story to unfold in completely unexpected ways.
--John Vernon, Author of Lucky Billy

Part mystery, part Steven Wright stand-up routine, part Einsteinian thought experiment, what do you call Zebra Skin Shirt? Sly-Fi? Off-off-off-beat? Magical Surrealism? Whatever it is, three cheers for the unforgettable former amateur basketball referee, Narwhal W. Slotterfield, and his creator, the wildly imaginative Gregory Hill.
--Mike Keefe, Political Cartoonist

Zebra Skin Shirt is Jack Kerouac on amphetamines. It’s Proust on meth. It’s James Joyce on nitrous oxide. It’s Lewis Carroll after smoking a bowl of The Blue Dream.
--Mark Stevens, Author of the Allison Coil Mystery Series

A brilliantly-executed, fascinating, and relentlessly hilarious immersion
into the Twilight Zone as it exists on the plains of Eastern Colorado. Hill's
imagination on full-blast is a force of nature. This ranks with the best of Vonnegut's mind-benders, but with more laughs page-for-page.

--Zach Boddicker, Author of The Essential Carl Mahogany

A psychedelic tale of adventure and love unfolding on Hill’s beloved Eastern Colorado Plains. Our hero and narrator, Narwhal Slotterfield, treks through tornadoes, gutted homesteads and survivalist compounds all while navigating an alternative time/space reality. He’s on a journey of self-discovery that resonates as an experimental love song to rural culture on the plains.
--Richard Saxton, M12 Studio Director and Professor University of Colorado Boulder

johnny riles

Hill is a dialogue artist, sculpting his characters with depth and the pitfalls of humanity...The Lonesome Trials of Johnny Riles is a rich and complex western that crosses over into the shady depths of noir fiction. It’s a stunning read.
--Sarah Reichert The Writing Bug

Like Hill’s superb debut, East of Denver, The Lonesome Trials of Johnny Riles surely is a damn fine, if distinctly peculiar, country noir.--Booklist

A wild, weird, fun ride.
--Yuma Pioneer

Crazy novel. And I mean that in the very best sense. Absolutely loved it.
-- Mike Keefe, political cartoonist

Impressively well written from beginning to end, The Lonesome Trials of Johnny Riles is a terrifically entertaining read and showcases extraordinary and imaginative storytelling abilities.
--Midwest Book Review

Filled with the same easy energy and bright style that earned praise and awards for East of Denver, The Lonesome Trials of Johnny Riles will take you to places you didn't know existed--both on the hard plains of eastern Colorado and deep inside the soul of an unforgettable man who knows the world is a mean place. He knows the perfect song and the perfect drink to get him through the day, but even Johnny Riles can't predict what the world, or his brother, might throw his way. After a sip or two of this richly-told novel, you'll want to glug the whole thing down.
--Mark Stevens, author of the Allison Coil Mystery Series

The Lonesome Trials of Johnny Riles renders Eastern Colorado/High Plains life as it really has always been: down-to-earth, matter-of-fact, and always on the brink of psychedelia. This is an unapologetic triumph of contemporary Rural American Realism.
--Zach Boddicker, author of The Essential Carl Mahogany

Reading Gregory Hill’s marvelous page-turner of a second novel is like hunkering down in a psychedelic cave, buried by a flatland Colorado blizzard—with a knife at your throat.  Expertly wrought weirdness abounds—you won’t want it to end. Think, a poodle with no name meets Stephen King.
--Barry Wightman, author of Pepperland

east of denver praise

A breezily readable summer novel that not only entertains but also surprises. It explores the dynamics of family relationships without ever stooping to sentimentality, and it's one of this summer's most pleasant surprises.
–Charles Ealy Austin American-Statesman

East of Denver is a slow burn, but by the end it’s burning hot: you’ll leave this book a little charred. . . This is writing on a par with that of top-flight black-comic novelists like Sam Lipsyte and Jess Walter, and it deserves to be read.
--Lev Grossman, author of The Magicians Trilogy

All the characters are quirky if not downright bizarre and you never really know how things are going to play out. A witty, snarky, and thoroughly enjoyable read.
--Leah Sims, Portland Book Review

East of Denver is painstakingly funny — the novel offers a deep, dark look into the real life issues that make society uncomfortable.
--Kacy Muir, The Weekender

From beginning to end, the novel's great achievement is Hill's gift of characters: people who are often broken, crumbling, and struggling, but always irresistible.
--Brother Patrick Mary Briscoe, O.P. Dominicana

What makes [East of Denver] special, and especially powerful, is that Hill, like his damaged characters, has a real talent for fucking everything up.
--Seth Blake, Tropmag

Gregory Hill...displays a keen, at times riveting, understanding of the absurdities and freedoms of small-town isolation and the dying way of life that was once the American standard.
--Cherie Ann Parker, Shelf Awareness

There is pathos. Sadness. Dark glimmers of hope. The entire book reveals this balance and shift and makes it absolutely worthwhile to pick up. Hill has a bright future.
--Steven Rosen, Curled Up With a Good Book

[An] agreeable, offbeat debut novel...A story about a father and son who bond against the odds, with an ending as quirkily satisfying as the rest of the book.
--Kirkus Reviews

There’s no fantasy escapism here. It’s real life. And real life is darkly comic.
--Adventures With Words

Hill gives up plenty of laughs to go with the pain...a fine first novel from a writer with a great sense of character

Dark humor, zany characters, and a sharp eye for detail distinguish this arch novel set in Colorado’s dying farmland. . . Charming details of rural life are offset by a madcap plot and tragicomic details of dementia, even as father and son share high jinks and man-hugs on their inexorable journey to face the music.

--Marysue Rucci

An eye for detail, an ear for dialogue, and a knack for story-telling distinguish this unflinching novel of rural America.
--Publishers Weekly

Cleverly plotted and well-written. This is a must read!
--Viviane Crystal Crystal Book Reviews

East of Denver is crazy. It’s offbeat and hilarious, but there is a tenderness that moves the reader in the midst of all the antics.
--David Atkinson InDigest

Le roman est court, plutôt bien écrit.
--Sous la grêle osée

Even the dead cat can't rest in peace.
--Cupcake's Book Cupboard

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