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My name is Gregory Hill. I have no sense of smell.

I was raised in Joes, Colorado, which happens to be my favorite place in the whole world. 

I live in Denver (mostly) with my wife, Maureen (entirely). 

Since 1995, I've performed (guitar, tenor saxophone, vocals) in various bands, including Six Months to Live and The Orangu-tones.  I currently play in The Babysitters, The Super Phoenixes, and Manotaur.

I record records in my garage.

I write books because I love writing books.

As of today (July 26, 2016) I'm working on my follow up to Zebra Skin Shirt, which will be about a group of old timey country musicians who channel their dead patriarch for song lyrics.

I made this website. I am not a professional webmaster.

Good day to you.

Here's a nifty picture of my family from '76 or '77:

hill portrait

left to right: Rebecca, Judy, Thom, me (legs only), Elden


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